As a Varilux Master of Vision optical shop, apart from traditional sight testing, we carry out 4D eye measurement using VisiOffice, a state-of-the-art integrated measurement system. The eyes are one of your most important sensory organs. Choose the most modern solution for testing them without physical intervention.

We will design and prepare your individual spectacle lenses taking into account the height of your eyes and all the features of your face as well as your looking habits. Using a selected frame, we examine five parameters based on which we will obtain an accurate picture on your habits of wearing your glasses as well as your physiological features.

During the measurement, we will establish your reading distance and measure an individual code of your eyes. This is the centre of rotation of the eye the determination of which will make it possible to achieve five times more accurate vision experience than the lenses produced with the traditional technology.

In the same way as everyone has a dominant hand primarily used for action, the dominant eye can also be determined. Thanks to the 4D eye measurement, we will know which your dominant eye is. This is important because your lens will be optimized for this eye.

This is how your individual lens will be made. What changes will it bring for you?

  • Your near, intermediate and distant vision will be sharp, without transitions
  • A wide field of vision will be ensured without distortions
  • You will feel being in balance even while you are moving

Please make an appointment at phone number +36 20 438 8468 so that you can enjoy the freedom of vision without restrictions. You are very kindly invited.

In our shop, you are welcomed to take part in the following sight tests as well:

  • eye diagnostics with refracto/keratometer
  • glaucoma and cataract screening
  • fundoscopy (visual examination of the back of the eye and its veins)
  • non-contact measurement of intraocular pressure

Thanks to the cosy environment, you can feel as if you were at a party while receiving professional care. Please make an appointment at phone number +36 20 438 8468.