Progressive lens – clear sight at any distance

Progressive lenses provide a sharp picture from any distance so they spare your eyes and are practical because you do not have to keep changing your glasses. These lenses, apart from being aesthetical, also offer the feeling of safety to the person wearing them since they can perfectly see their environment thanks to the quick shift between short and long distance focusing.

How progressive lenses are built?

The upper part of the lens ensures a clear view of distant areas while the lower section supports reading and sharp sight of close objects. The intermediate area in the middle part of the progressive lens is what is called the progressive channel that ensures gradual transition. Thanks to this, progressive lenses will provide you a sharp picture from any distance. Our additional services:

  • special bifocals and trifocals for occupations completed with personalized advice
  • artificial tears
  • contact lens fitting and training
  • wide range of frames in a wide variety of styles
  • multifocals for high comfort
  • optimal glasses for digital tools
  • a wide range of eyeglass cases, chains, lanyards and special cleaning wipes
  • consultancy for elderly sight problems (e.g. glaucoma or cataract)
  • eye dryness test and consultancy


Adaptation guarantee

When you buy any progressive spectacle lens, we undertake a one-year adaptation guarantee for your new glasses. If you cannot get used to your lens for any reason within one year, we will replace it with either a bifocal one or a distant and a close lens with the same dioptre values.



A number of Hungarian artists visit our salon, but also a number of foreigners has visited our artistic optic salon already, and they keep coming back to us as satisfied customers.

Salon Manager Klára Simó often entertains her guests with her piano play, but the piano installed in our shop has also inspired many artists to sit down and play a popular tune.

We in the Optistyle Salon have personally experienced that in the music scene vision has the same importance as hearing. The professionalism and experience of over 30 years of our people guarantee that we always offer the perfect solution to our customers.

We adjust ourselves to your timetable, and welcome you after advance booking.



In the Optistyle Optical Salon, shopping is a pleasure also for the little ones, and the glasses selected will withstand the hardships. What will you and your child find in our salon?

  • kind and patient service
  • durable, unbreakable and flexible kids’ frames for the smallest
  • wide range of modern, comfortable frames for school-age children

Our children’s ophthalmologist

Fotó és név (esetleg rövid szakmai bemutatkozó) Photo and name (possibly a short professional summary)



The Optistyle Optical Salon offers customized services to companies and institutions including the obligatory eye and sight test of employees in every two years. We are at your disposal with our 30-year experience in optics.

  • flexible booking
  • exclusive choice of stylish women’s and men’s frames
  • special frames ordered on special demand (for a very small pupillary distance or wide bridge of the nose)
  • elegant sunglass accessories



Are you looking for glasses for sports or disturbed by the blazing sun? We will find you the appropriate solution.

  • wide range of sunglasses for winter sports
  • frames with clip-on sunglasses
  • wide range of summer sunglasses from the sporty to the elegant
  • special frames and sunglasses also for extreme circumstances
  • preparation of lenses with high base curve
  • photocromic lenses
  • contact lens and sunglass designed in one for sports

We adjust ourselves to your timetable. Book an appointment, and you will be kindly welcomed. You can make an appointment at phone number +36 20 438 8468.